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Chicken Burger N Chips

It’s the summer holidays for Corey, spending his time waiting for his A-Level results, hanging with his friends at his beloved Morley’s as he starts to contemplate what the future holds (with a little push from his parents).

It’s a heartfelt portrayal of one man’s coming of age story, detailing those moments when his life changed, simultaneously being a love letter to the Lewisham he grew up in.

The show is written and performed by Corey Bovell and being a one-man show, it rests on this performer. Fortunately, Corey Bovell is a master story-teller who oozes charisma, captivating his audience throughout. He is able to truly capture those moments he describes, drawing you in, even when he’s just telling you about ordering his Chicken Burger N Chips. It’s a deeply personal play and this comes through in both the writing and the performance.

Although it’s well written, it’s the dynamic performance and Kwame Asiedu’s direction that brings it to life with energy and emotion. In different hands this would be a much less powerful play and it’s a tribute to how hard the team worked to find the best way to bring each moment to life for the audience. Through the show they are able to evoke a busy Morley’s, private moments and solitary bus rides. The lighting and sound are well thought out and play a huge part in bringing out the power of the story. This is one of the best lighting designs I’ve seen in fringe theatre.

It’s also an impressive set. Slightly more elaborate than you might expect in the space and is again a sign of the effort that's been put into the production.

To quote Corey’s traffic light metaphor, this is green show, so I urge to go see this funny and moving play. It gives a perspective on London most people don’t normally see, but which you should.

We give this show 4 stars. Its only on until Saturday (March 14th 2020) but I hope it gets a further run so more people are able to experience this. For the current run you can purchase tickets here:


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