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Game Night - Review

Having first planned to see “Game Night” last November and then missing it (thanks Covid!) I was pleased to get another opportunity to see this production.

Games Night is being hosted by Michael and Jacob who are using the evening to announce their engagement to friends. Unfortunately, their well laid plans quickly go awry as Kate and Tom arrive in the middle of a blazing row (leaving their friend Rory, Michael’s cousin, locked in the car) and another friend cancelling last minute. To top it off Jacob had unwittingly invited his sister, who has a long running hatred of Michael, who turns up with a surprise guest as she tries to stop the engagement.

The show starts off strong, with just Michael and Jacob discussing the evening and goes up hill from there. You are very quickly introduced to the array of characters each of whom endears themselves to the audience in their own way. There are parts of each character you already know are you are likely to recognise your own friends and family at times.

The characters in the show could easily fall into caricatures but the script keeps them real and the show has a talented cast who each understands their character and bring them vividly to life. There are many subtle moments throughout showing how they understand the nuances of their characters.

The wonderfully written script is peppered with one-liners and jokes which run throughout the show. Many comedies take a while to get going but this is funny from the start and doesn’t let up. The direction elevates it further and the script and direction together keeps the pace and energy up throughout. You don’t want to miss the champagne toast or the game of twister.

Not wishing to be too effusive in my praise I have to mention the set which, while providing the necessary table and seating, comes together through the additional choices of selected books on the coffee table and photos of the couple. And the costumes were well considered to reflect the characters. This highlights how everything was considered in this production.

If you hadn’t realised from above, I loved it. Ear to Ear Productions have a hit with this show which was hilarious from beginning to end and the theatre was filled with laughter. I’m still smiling now remembering parts of the show and I hope if finds somewhere to get a longer run. You don’t want to miss out.

Currently running at The Hen and Chickens until Saturday January 22nd. Tickets available here.

Rating: 5 Star

Cast of "Game Night"


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