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How to Live a Jellicle Life - Review

Where to start! Linus Karp’s one-man show “How to Live a Jellicle Life” is here to help us all celebrate what we can learn from the 2019 movie mega-flop “Cats”

The show is a mix of stand-up comedy with a TED Talk, complete with PowerPoint presentation, in a Cat costume. It was perfectly suited to the cabaret set up of the Phoenix Arts Club as Linus got on stage to tell us all what we could learn from “Cats”.

We are taken through each of the Cats in the film and he explains what makes each of them Jellicle and therefore what we can do to also be Jellicle. With lots of clips from the show, as you’d expect, he a manages to create perfect comic mayhem and helps you remember all the reasons you hated the film, while Linus pours out his love for it.

Linus actually began the show by quoting some reviews and comments from his previous sell-out run with one person saying “It’s probably not as intelligent as he thinks it is*”. I’d say it’s more intelligent than I expected, picking on up on all the ridiculousness of the film everyone missed as we tried to figure out the logic of the costumes and fur. However, the one criticism I would make is just logistical – he needs to keep to the top of the screen as much as possible (in some venues) as the bottom is not always visible.

There is a lot in here to enjoy and he kept the audience energised throughout, even when there were a few technical difficulties. If you like a laugh and enjoy people making fun of musicals you’ll like this. And the audience I was with certainly loved it as the laughter didn’t stop. Take Linus’s advice and “don’t regret anything that makes you smile*”.

Speaking of things to make you smile I would love to watch Andrew Lloyd-Webber seeing this. I’m sure he’d appreciate it. Can anyone make that happen?

*being at the Phoenix Arts Club I took advantage of having wine brought to the table so may not be exact on the quotes

The show is travelling to many parts of the UK and you can stream the show so check here for available dates and locations.

Rating: 4 Star


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