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Light On Showcase - Celebrating Female Voices

While we get ready for theatres to open we are still getting treated to streamed theatre and on May 21st (hopefully just one month before theatres can open at full capacity) Lights Down Productions will be premiering their second online writing series – Light On Showcase.

The production company was set up in 2018 to showcase female led new writing and they haven’t allowed a pandemic to stop them doing that. They have still been able to connect with artists and work together adapting to the new Zoom environment. For their first showcase they released 10 new works between May and July in 2020, one of which, “The White Hart” by Julie Upton, won an On Comm Award from the Offies. You can watch all of the pieces here

For the second showcase they have a further 10 new pieces which will all premiere on the same day. With so much to choose from they’ve specifically looked at plays which “celebrate the connection and resilience we have found in lockdown”. The pieces range from a piece looking at Hattie McDaniel, the first African American to win an Oscar, the battles she fought to get there and her life after this took place, to a piece exploring the relationship between two sisters during lockdown.

By the time they get to producing series 3 they hope to be back in front of live audiences and already looking for a theatrical home for some projects so keep an eye out for these in future.

Too often female writers get overlooked and in setting up Lights Down Productions Caley Powell wanted to get those voices out and showcased to a wider audience. She says too often we have “gatekeepers believing that only male writers can fill a theatre and will be successful and people taking comfort in what they know, which is more often plays by cis white men.” The only way this can change is by showcasing diverse new talent and showing it can be successful too. While awards aren’t necessarily the pinnacle of success getting an On Comm Award on the first showcase demonstrates the talent there waiting to be seen. As we’ve said before theatres often fall back on something with proven success - a Broadway run, a known playwright - but by proving the audience is there we can get to see exciting and original theatre.

If you want get involved in a company which “give[s] more opportunities for female creatives to share their stories and fill theatres with their work’ then get in contact through the website

But for now enjoy the second showcase on Friday May 21st at 7.30pm (recommended 16+). Tickets can be purchased here. During the interval there will be an online discos and after the plays there will be an online Q&A which you can submit questions for privately during the showcase.


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