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Mischief Movie Night In

Photo by Corina Rainer on Unsplash

Of all the shows that have been streamed “Mischief Theatres Mischief Movie Night In” perhaps makes the most sense. They improvise a movie musical live on stage while you sit watching said film on your sofa with popcorn and maybe a glass of wine (or two). So while we were disappointed not to be back in the theatre, as so many were, this was an excellent substitute.

So how does this work? When we saw it they had a set of interactive viewers (people they spoke to directly on zoom) providing details. They’d ask for a genre, a location and awards the film had won. (This has been moved to be entirely based on social media going forward so everyone can add their ideas.) The film we were watching was a horror/fantasy set in an Ikea Store, called Flat Pack Attack, featuring the man with no name Delta Von Tussle, which had won an award for the best use of a lemon. You get the idea!

The premise is that someone is playing a “well known film” with commentary hence will then pause it a particular points to talk about it and for particularly iconic moments will rewind the movie for you to watch again (this was highlight). For me the most impressive part was when they composed and sang a new song on the spot which they even had us singing along to by the end. They incorporate the slapstick physical comedy they always do so well alongside creating a new story on the spot. There were so many moments where the cast misunderstand each other or forget something or just make a “mistake” which just makes the show funnier.

It’s entirely different and entirely hilarious and the best movie night in since lockdown began. If you are someone who doesn’t like to watch the same thing multiple times there’s no need to worry, as every performance will be different, you know this performance is unique making it extra special.

Since the appearance of “The Play That Goes Wrong” the Mischief Theatre company have consistently shown themselves to be masters of comedy, an artform which is underrated in how difficult it is to get right and even more difficult without any semblance of a script. We are always impressed with them and are excited to see them again. We would say they have made another hit but in reality this time they make a new hit with each performance. If you’ve enjoyed what they’re done before you’re sure to love this.

They performed this at the end of December and is running again from January 23rd 2020 – January 31st 2020, plus a special Rom-Com performance for Valentines Day. You can book tickets here.


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