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Mosquito - Review

With warnings of themes of suicide and mental health on the way in you know that Mosquito will be a dark drama and that is exactly what you get. It focuses on the relationship between James, a married man, and his lover Lemy. It starts with James attempting to leave her apartment and the discussion focusing on what their relationship is and what it isn’t. James uses her when he wants to, thinking he’s in control while Lemy wants the security she thinks he offers.

The story is engaging from the start with a first-class script from Cameron Corcoran. The dialogue is believable and well thought through to push the story forward. He has created fully fleshed out characters who you want to know more about. He makes clear the power dynamic between them and this is front and centre through the play.

Those characters need the right actors to bring them and the script to life. Seamus Dillane has been perfectly cast as the arrogant, cheating James and Aoife Boyle is impressive as the fragile Lemy. The actor recognises both the weaknesses and strengths of her character through the plays 70 minutes and draws each of those elements out. While the characters aren’t particularly likeable the performers draw the audience in.

These different elements are brought together with the excellent direction of Nicky Allpress. She keeps the action moving and maintains a high level of energy throughout. The play takes place across two locations and she allows the set to transform seamlessly between these.

This is one of those reviews which is a joy to write because all you want to do is praise the show. While the show tackles difficult themes it is ultimately a character driven drama and it is a privilege to get to watch the performances. This is currently on until July 23rd 2022 at the Seven Dial Playhouse but I hope it will get shown again for more audiences to be given the chance to see it. Get tickets here.

Rating: 5 Stars


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